Vitality: the source and the level of your personal power.

If you are not deeply connected to your source of power and energy you will not be able to sustain any productive endeavor for long – if at all. When you are connected, people are starting to sense in you the personal ability to produce in the world and that speaks of personal power.
Here we are at the essence – the innermost source of power. It is your vitality. This is where you harness the universal forces and focus them to your intent. Without this inner vitality, you will be inconsistent in your produce-ability and ineffective in your ability to influence. This is how people become powerful, effective and influential. This is the origination of your Vital Edge.

This is your source of connection with Universal truths and environmental resources, focused and filtered through your mind, body and spirit. That connection is unlimited and unfettered and waiting for your use. This is a subject of many people’s life work to attempt to understand it and have other people see it and use it. Let’s explore how you can open yourself to such rich reserves of vitality which will lead you to productivity and influence. It takes energy to live and adapt. We draw our energy from the ‘environmental energy bank’. If we can’t get that energy and process it (or have overdrawn it) we have lowered our ability to live with vitality. Health and vitality are about the balance between absorbing/storing energy and using energy in life tasks, i.e., heart beating, breathing, temperature regulation, proper immune system function and all the rest, while leaving enough energy left over so work, family, recreation are also successfully completed. Vitality can be divided into three parts:

1. Fundamental Principles
2. Life choices
3. Secret Cell Strategies/ Self Strategies

Under Fundamental Principles there are four main parts or “LAWS”:
All biologic organisms require these four to be able to live.

Under Life Choices there are three main choices or extra special perceptions “ESP”:
Eat the food chain
Stress Modulation
People can make choices about how they eat, handle stress and live in gravity by standing and moving correctly.

Under Strategies the last three are hidden either by the microscope or by internal attitude “CIA”:
Cellular Detoxification
Inflammation Control
While they are not visible the effect of them is immense on the nature of your personal vitality.

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