The recognition of your outward success in all your interactions with people and your environment. It is your ability to influence your life course, your family, and your relationships personally and professionally. It is your ability to lead. It is what people see and are attracted towards. It is your ability to make life move in the direction you want it to go. It is your ability to change your world and also be a world changer.
Now, some people will want that because it appears to be an attractive idea: to be recognized, to be powerful, influential at whatever level you see yourself. You could see the possibility of a better life for yourself. Or you can see yourself as a leader locally, nationally or internationally. You may want the fame, power, influence. You may see a wrong and want to right it.
your leasership your mastermind. this is the hard step to move out of production into leadership you let go of what you do to create more infleunce by growing as a person and as a leader.