Richard Garde, Your Vital EdgeMy lifelong commitment to vitality and the power of the human body began in 1970 when a series of car accidents left me in debilitating pain for years. That journey from vital active life to disability and back shaped my desire to understand how the body creates vitality.

I have spent the last 40 years studying, researching and applying what creates personal power and how we release our own innovative visions that can change our world in positive and effective ways.
My vision is to assist people to find simple solutions to restore and maintain vitality at any age.

My mission is to write and speak on the liberation of your internal vitality. I am excited about this next chapter in the re-invention of my life’s passion to help people find optimum vitality in our energy rich environment.

Now the quest for vitality and the secret of health and wellbeing doesn’t really mean much by itself. I mean that health is an end in itself but not for the majority of people. When there is abundant health which I call vitality that sense of power and energy is a tool to make for a productive life.

Things happen when you feel vital. Most people couldn’t care less about the pursuit of healthy living. They feel the pressure of too many other priorities on their list of daily to do’s. It seems irrelevant if not outright narcissistic. Or when people care to work on healthy living there are so many conflicting voices as to what to do or not do in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

There is a simple way to restore and maintain health for optimum vitality and use it to create a productive life where the energy you build can make for an incredibly inspired life to use is pursuit of your particular dream or passion. On the Vitality pages is the outline of the ten simple steps to build and maintain lifelong vitality.

Most people use whatever energy levels they have and hope it is enough to fuel their enterprise. This is a shortsighted and hapless tactic approaching the luck of the lottery to fuel a project and never have it happen due to the vagaries of life’s ebbing energy.

Your vitality is there to pursue your passion and fuel your productivity. Productivity is creating and producing your widget, finding and creating your passionate expression of your dream and focusing your vitality into the manifestation of your desire. It is what you are doing, how you are doing it as you hone it, define it, refine it, create the vision and the product of your vision and passion. It could be a widget, some product, it could be a service, it could be an art form, music, book, painting or sculpture or it could be that you focus your passion into your family or relationships. All these are viable avenues for marshalling your vitality into something that expresses who you are. This process doesn’t have to be lofty or heroic; it can be simple and on the surface, common everyday sort of stuff. But if it reaches your soul and wakes you every day and drives you til late at night that is the stuff of passionate productivity.

As you spend your vitality on your productivity, people will begin to notice what it is you do and that will start to build your influence. Influence is when the reflection of your actions begins to be noticed by others and starts them adopting different behaviors, ways of thinking and purchasing that align with your purpose or product. They voluntarily enlist, enroll into what it is that you are doing. A movement. The intensity of your passion or your service may be so inspiring that almost by accident, you look up from what you are doing, what it is you love doing, and find there are many following you. And you have modeled a transformation at the societal level. Most likely it is a persistence in you that brings about influential change it the marketplace. It is an ongoing process where people are attracted to the energy, the quality of you productivity and are moved to duplicate or be more in alignment with who you are and what it is that you do. As you become known and influential, the next phase of growth is leadership.

Leadership is difficult because it means moving away from the thing you love doing with the hands on production of your greatest skill (management) to inspire others to do that what you model (leadership). This is an ability that is not taught understood or modeled in our culture very well, but it is essential for the product service or concept that you created to have longevity.

So vitality, productivity, influence is the expanding model of health, wealth and leadership that powers the growth of all business and successful people in all arenas of life. Without knowledge and understanding of this vital embedded rings of accomplishment many potentially successful enterprise will not happen.