Remembering the Magic of Snow

Snow Shovelled SidewalkWhen I was a boy (a long time ago) I loved waking up to the sound of snow being shoveled. You know the sound, large bladed snow shovels scraping over the cement of the sidewalk. I would lay there all warm under the covers and shiver with anticipation of the fun ahead in playing in the snow! Snow always came silently. No crashing thunder, no pounding rain just the silent sifting snow piling up to make my neighborhood a large white sandbox full of sledding, fort building and snowball fights! Oh! And if it snowed on a SCHOOL day and I heard that snow siren blow – it was even a more magical day!

Now, many years later, I still remember that feeling although long gone are those sledding runs on Magnolia Street hill. The surprise is still there of the snow quietly accumulating, but I know it is coming – all the weather people tell me so. Now, I like to get up earlier than customary to go out and shovel the walk and driveway. I have that time to myself. Hardly a car passes by and when one does make tracks through the snow filled street, it is wrapped in the muffled quiet of the snow.

The adult responsibilities show up, sidewalks have to be cleared, paths made for cars to leave the garage to start the work day. But this time I have to myself before the slippery snow packed commute starts. There is something nice about a cleared walkway; a sense of accomplishment, exercise that makes the body feel worked and alive; sneaking over to that elder person’s house in the neighborhood and shoveling their walk so they don’t have to.  And if it is a Saturday – even better! After, I can go inside and linger over a hot pot of tea, feeling the slight perspiration cool and the blood pumping through exercised muscles. It is the feeling of being active and alive!

But the best feeling I get is the one that hopes that as I am outside shoveling, now I am the one scraping the snow off the sidewalk and I can only pray that some child can hear the sound and wiggle in anticipation of the start of his/her magical snow filled day.