Try this Super Simple Secret Shocking Experiment that will give you amazing results!child eating pb&j

I’d like to propose a simple, secret, shocking experiment.

Let’s get all the top scientists of the world and give them a laboratory with all the latest and best scientific equipment. Let’s throw in Albert Einstein and Mother Teresa too. Just so we know that they’re really smart and really good at heart. Let’s give them a billion-dollar budget and million year deadline.

On the other side, let’s get a five-year-old boy or girl, a child, any child.

Now let’s make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, cut it in half and put each half on a plate.

We will give one plate to the scientists and the other plate to our child and the instruction is, “Please take this peanut butter and jelly sandwich and make bone, muscle, hair, skin, heart and brain cells from it”.

Within 20 minutes the scientists have broken down the sandwich into proteins, fats and carbohydrates. At the same time, our child eats the peanut butter sandwich. Inside his/her tummy the sandwich is broken down into its component parts too. Now here’s the difference: within an hour the kid is building bone, muscle, skin, hair, heart and brain tissue.

And the scientists will continue to work and spend their billion dollars and use up their million years and will not come close to creating living cells from peanut butter and jelly and bread.

Well, it’s pretty silly right? But the point is only life can create life.

All the scientific information and knowledge cannot do what life does. It is the new version of the old alchemical question; “How can we transmute lead into gold?” We don’t put our trust and faith into alchemists anymore but we tend to think that science will transmute our poor health into movie star good looks and youthful energy and rid us of pain if only we can find the right ingredient or pill – or the right adjective. That is why this article is entitled ‘super, secret, simple, shocking’. Buzzwords that create interest in the psyche for something that is known only to the chosen few, takes little effort and has emotional impact. Many products are sold that only have adjectives. They are marketing successes with no real health value.

It is not the magic ingredient that makes you healthy and keeps you vital. There is no secret. It is the body’s innate ability to take ingredients and transmute them into life’s energy. We need good ingredients; actually we need great ingredients to have abundant vitality – the energy to make our lives spectacular and magnificent. Simple and shocking, right? Super!

So the best nutritional strategy would be to support the body’s key systems that create and sustain energy. Obviously, we can’t live on a diet of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, a balanced diet that is nutrient dense and calorie sparse is most important.

The truth of it is that life converts biologic raw materials into the components that run our bodies and give us energy. The quality of your health has a lot to do with the quality of the raw materials you put it. GIGO is computer speak for garbage in garbage out. Nutritionally it could be stated EIEO (with apologies to Farmer MacDonald) Energy In Energy Out. So eat for energy not for sugary, salty, fatty taste with little nutrient value. Amazing!

Here’s the experiment: eat colorful fruits and veggies, lean protein (poultry, fish), lots of water daily. Stay away from big portions, sugary & fatty foods and boxed treats. Walk the outer aisle of the supermarket where all the live foods are. That’s where the major food groups are. Stay away from the inner aisles, that’s where all the boxed food substitutes are.

It might take a couple of days but you will notice a huge improvement in your energy in less than a week! As a bonus, you’ll probably lose at least 5 pounds, if not more! Results!

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