Your Vital Edge: The Secret to Creating a Following

We discussed the way you present yourself in the world is a powerful force that attracts or detracts from the message you want to convey to your potential followers. There are powerful body movements and positions that convey positive or negative emotional and mental states that people can read instinctively. In past posts we looked at body position and positive attractive emotional states.

Look at this pictograph of prehistoric art found in a small African cave.

This pictograph came from Bernd Heinrich’s intriguing book on ultramarathon running called “Racing the Antelope”. The last figure on the right, leading the procession has its hands thrown up in the air in the universal runner’s gesture of triumph at the end of the race. Even after tens of thousands of years, you can still feel the echoes of the exuberance that that first runner felt; the victory and exhilaration of winning. You must understand how tied we are as people to physical body position – your posture – as a mirror to collective emotional, mental and energy states. You have to actively work on your physical presentation because your orientation to gravity tells an unspoken story about how much vitality and energy you have to give to your followers. They will feed off of your energy, first follower to the last.

Postures that evoke strong positive emotions attract followers. Now dancing with your arms upraised is not the position of choice, let’s say, in a boardroom or a bank (or perhaps it is!). Your body position has to be congruent with the emotional environment. You should be just slightly more energetic than the group. Your increased energy output is just high enough to raise the awareness of the people sharing that environment so that they will be aware of you and be drawn to you. Caution! Too much energy doesn’t attract people, it pushes them away. What I am speaking to is the study of the posture of connection. It is how, since the earliest times, humans networked!

Back to our dancing man in the first post of this series… How long did our dancing friend have his arms up? Quite awhile and that requires a significant expenditure of energy. He was clearly demonstrating vitality. Arms raised also speak to us in age old language that expresses joy, enthusiasm. His actions expressed positive ideas of vitality, joy, enthusiasm and his actions were attractive and sticky.

By sticky, I mean your idea, product, service (or dance) is understood; remembered with lasting impact. (see “Made to Stick”)

Our dancing man is a good example of Your Vital Edge’s “concentric circle design”. Inner vitality leads to outer productivity, which is seen and recognized as influential. People are attracted to this outward manifestation of the inner fire and the energy is amplified by this nuclear reaction. Your vital passion leads to production which creates notice and reflects and magnifies the beginning spark into an influential people movement. Your little dance has grown into a world changing event.

What is your dream? What is your vision? Imbue it with your passion and your posture of positive attraction. For a little while you (or I) may be dancing alone but passion creates attraction and we will soon be dancing to your dream together!