Your Vital Edge: The Attitude of Your Body is a Potent Trigger for Attraction 2

We were talking about your body’s orientation to the vertical gravity line and how that relationship can enhance or detract from your influence. It can literally cost you money! The display of good alignment conveys a basic message of power. Leadership is an expensive commodity but the returns are worth the ROI. The energy expended in maintaining a vertical position gives you a base of power to which people unconsciously respond and resonate.

In the example from the past post, we were mentioning a celebrity who was animatedly speaking about the power of personal growth, but he was sitting with a significant right lean, like he was going to fall to his right.

Actually, this side collapse is common in people. (Just watch the driver of the car in front of you on your next errand or commute.) The car is aligned, right? We spend money to ‘re-align’ the wheels so tires don’t wear prematurely. We will not buy a car after it‘s been in an accident because the compromised body alignment can start many early breakdowns in the car.

So the carbody is aligned, driver’s seat, steering wheel, windshield all in a row just to the left of center (in American cars, UK drivers will notice that alignment just right of center). You’d expect the driver to be seated along this line, but many drivers lean way to the right or left. In some cases you can actually see the steering wheel in front of them because they have collapsed to one side of their body. Aligned cars and mis-aligned people!

Back to the webinar I was watching. What this gentleman was speaking about was personal growth and inspiration and his body was not congruent with his message. The vitality he spoke of was compromised in his body. He was mixing his message with body language that didn’t align with his words.

Gravity goes straight up & down (mostly down!) in a line we call vertical. It takes energy and vitality to maintain a relationship with that vertical orientation. It speaks to a sensed but unspoken understanding that a person who aligns with gravity has power. It takes a whole lot more energy to NOT to align with gravity and we sense that this person doesn’t have power. We unconsciously sense this relationship and respond favorably to a person who is stands and sits vertically. We respond negatively to a person who doesn’t or can’t find vertical. (There is so much more to say about this topic. I’ll save it for another time. But your posture to gravity speaks the unspoken body language of crooked or straight and all that those two words convey.)

That postural drift in his posture also dramatically interferes with his neurology which he is so fond of talking about. At least his message would have been delivered much more powerfully if his body ‘embodied’ the power of his words.

I mentioned that he had a “Vitality Leak” and some people saw it and some didn’t – at least consciously. We are all exceptional readers of body language and use it more that we realize to judge the know, like and trust trilogy of the people we interact with daily. Vitality is etched into your body by the line you take to gravity or sadly by the line you do not take. Your posture is a force of attraction (or conversely repulsion) that few take conscious advantage of. How you stand and move will convey more information than you’d ever think possible to attract your first follower.

Stayed tuned for the conclusion of this stream on the secret way you can start attracting people to you!