Your Vital Edge: The attitude of Your Body is a Potent Trigger for Attraction

In the last post, we were demonstrating that the “attitude of your body is a potent trigger for attraction”.

This leadership concept is expressed (in a different context but true just the same) in John Maxwell’s “21 Laws of Leadership”. Mr. Maxwell’s 7th law is the Law of Respect in which he writes that “People naturally follow leaders stronger than themselves.” People are attracted to the high energy or vitality of the First Expresser who conveys feelings of enthusiasm and joy. A Bad Dancing Avatar does not express those contagious feelings and people would not be drawn to join a lower energy than they express. Our leader at the outdoor dance was unconsciously drawing people to him with very positive attractive body language in his dance. His vitality, joy and enthusiasm were demonstrated by persistent upraised arm dance movements. He even went over to his first follower and ‘taught’ him to raise his hands, which was duplicated by nearly every follower.

This leads me back to my original point about Your Vital Edge. No one on fire with their inner vitality and inspired to release it would ever be a bad dancing avatar. His/her un-restrained energy would be released in a movement contagious manner and attract their first follower. Someone with great ideas, vision and passion must also be sensitive to the message portrayed by their physical manner of stance and movement.

Here is another real world example that happened not too long ago. I was watching a webinar and there was a famous person sitting down speaking with an interviewer. He is an attractive, powerfully built man, strong and solid, but I couldn’t take my eyes off the fact that he was not centered in his body. He had a distinctive right tilt in his rib cage and his left shoulder was high. It looked as if he had dropped something off to his right and was caught in the act of starting to lean over to pick it up.

To be Continued…
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