Your Vital Edge: Does your Normal Stance Convey Victory or Defeat?

Do you influence people to join you with the way you move? In our “last post” we were wondering if people would follow someone with weak or strong leadership qualities. Those leadership qualities are displayed in your posture and demonstrated in your stance and every time you move.

What? You may say. Who notices how I stand or move? In our drug-centered, prescription-oriented bio-chemically dominant world not many people understand or recognize that bio-mechanics (a fancy word for the way we stand and move) is a powerfully vital motivating force.

Not convinced? Well, do a search engine image search for concept words such as joy, gratitude, enthusiasm, victory. I guarantee that you will find numerous pictures of people with their arms raised overhead like our plucky leader of the “First Follower Video”. Here are a few examples of that posture. (I hesitated to use the P word (posture) because it has different connotations for many people. I’ve heard many people state that to them a posture is artifical posing or an affected put-on demeanor. I use posture as the normal and natural efficient way the human frame (your body) finds its best fit to gravity. Posture displays your thoughts and emotions as well. How you feel and think about yourself is written in your posture and people ‘read’ your posture on a daily basis just like the morning paper.

Ok, the examples of joy, gratitude, enthusiasm, victory:

Can you tell which picture I found under which word expression? Some will get every picture correct. (Not that there is correct and incorrect answers. Pictures have meaning to YOU and that is the meaning that matters most.) My point is that these pictures and postures similar to them evoke a feeling of good vibrations. (To borrow a title from the Beach Boys)

The arms upraised posture is very exciting to the eye and extremely contagious. Can you imagine our first expresser dancing like the bad dancing avatar and attracting a first follower? Highly doubtful. If our first expresser was a Bad Dancing Avatar no one would follow. It would take someone else to go out to dance like the Good Dancing Avatar and then that person would hijack the movement launch, become the better first expresser and then he/she would attract his/her first follower.

Stay tuned for the continuation of this series on the physical dynamics of a good leader, which explains why the first follower was attracted to the first expresser and “started a movement”.