Your Vital Edge: Do You Have the Energy to Attract the First Follower?

I love this video. It points to the primary idea in Your Vital Edge.

“First Follower Video”

Derek Sivers did an amazing job on describing the First Follower Principle. Everyone needs to thoughtfully consider his concept of the inception of a movement; namely the movement YOU are starting. However, there is even a deeper layer to this lesson in the human dynamics of creating a following.

There are so many layers to watch. The outer layer is just this guy dancing silly and a bunch of people joining in. if you look closer you can see this guy is caught in the joy of the moment and celebrating it. That is a very contagious idea and you can see other people getting ‘infected’ and joining in the celebration. The first follower is the connecting link from the impassioned sole expresser of an outrageous idea to getting others to join in. There are ever increasing waves of people who flock in droves wanting to be included before the music stops.

Let’s go deeper. What if the first expresser had a headache and didn’t feel like dancing? He or she has to show up, be the inspiration for attraction of the first follower. It is his or her ability to, at the place and the time of action, have the energy to thrive. It is the expression of exuberant explosive energy that just bursts out in unrestrained joy and enthusiasm that fuels the contagion. Without the energy of the first expresser, there would never be a first follower.

I want to continue this article tomorrow as we look at the way he is moving as a cause of attraction. Stay tuned for more!”