Your Personal Journey To Health, Wealth And Leadership

Vitality Productivity Influence: The Essence of Power in Personal and Professional Performance.

There is tremendous potential for success inside of you. In us all. If we only take advantage of how we are programmed for success.

There is no mystery to success in the wellbeing of your personal life, in relationships in your personal and professional life, in financial security and freedom. There is no ‘secret’ to success. There is also no shortcut.

There is a simple way to have everything you want. Simple but not easy. If it were easy, no one would be overweight, no one would feel poor, and no one would be unhappy. Your success comes from your embodiment and alignment with how Life works.

We know life works because it has a 3 billion year track record of constantly improving on itself. Humans have only been around for the past 2 or 3 million years and all that progression to perfection resides in – You.

After studying life for the past 61 years, certain realizations of the life process appeared to resonate and structure itself in ways that made sense despite all the apparent chaos and disorder that living has on the surface. I saw the cornerstones of organization at any level of any system especially a biological system.

I like to use the concentric rings model, where the outer ring represents Influence, the middle ring represents Productivity and the inner ring represents Vitality.

Even more than the 2 dimensional ring model, I prefer the 3 dimensional model of the Russian nesting dolls. Because to be whole they encompass the inner level and are built from the inside out – but you see the outside levels first and only when you start to explore and open the outer levels do you see the inner levels which preceded the level that you see.  Later we will see how the levels are actually interwoven and are interdependent one to another.

The outer most doll or circle is your influence. It is the recognition of your outward success in all your interactions with people and your environment.  It is your ability to influence your life course, your family, and your relationships personally and professionally. It is your ability to lead. It is what people see and are attracted towards. It is your ability to make life move in the direction you want it to go. It is your ability to change your world and also be a world changer.

Now, some people will want that because it appears to be an attractive idea: to be recognized, to be powerful, influential at whatever level you see yourself. You could see the possibility of a better life for yourself. Or you can see yourself as a leader locally, nationally or internationally. You may want the fame, power, influence. You may see a wrong and want to right it.

Whatever it is you will never get there unless people recognize that you have the ability to make good things happen. You have to be able to produce. You have to be productive, which brings us to our next inwardly stacked doll or the next inward circle. You have to be productive. Your influence depends upon your ability to produce.

Whatever your ‘widget’ is – a product, a service it has to be ‘top shelf’, effective, something that people will notice that has taken your heart, guts and brains to produce.

It is the outward manifestation of your passion and vision, where your brains and heart meet in a creative alchemy. So the second ring/doll embodies you productive nature that starts people looking in your direction. But your ability to produce – be productive ultimately depends upon your vitality – your ability to harness and be an energy source. If you are not deeply connected to your source of power and energy you will not be able to sustain any productive endeavor for long – if at all. When you are connected people are starting to sense in you the personal ability to produce in the world and that speaks of personal power.

Now we are at the essence – the innermost source of power. It is your vitality. This is where you harness the universal forces and focus them to your intent. Without this inner vitality, you will be inconsistent in your produce-ability and ineffective in your ability to influence. This is how people become powerful, effective and influential.

This is your source of connection with Universal truths and environmental resources, focused and filtered through your mind, body and spirit. That connection is unlimited and unfettered and waiting for your use. This is a subject of many people’s life work to attempt to understand it and have other people see it and use it.  We will spend a lot of time here exploring how you can be open to such rich reserves of vitality which will lead you to productivity and influence.

Vitality – in your mind, body and spirit.

Productivity – in your area of interest, passion, vision

Influence – in getting people to see your position and direction and to align with you to affect greater movement in that direction.

The interesting thing is as you work on one circle and move outwardly, there is a feedback loop that brings up what is blocking further progression. Things that are successful will not impede you. What impedes growth is what you don’t see, know or understand. This challenge to growth is the perceived discouragement, frustration or failure point that untracks us all in our progress through the VPI process.

How we understand the cycle will be the most effective indicator of continued progress.

I can guarantee there are things that you don’t know that will come up to derail you in your evolution through this cycle. If you look back on your life, I’m sure in your personal history there were apparent stops, detours and dead ends that blocked a favored life direction. But with a little distance, you can perceive the life lesson that got you back on track or refined your direction and now you are thankful for that experience. If not; because most life lessons are not pain free, I recommend moving through the VPI cycle again. Perceived stoppings always lead to breakthroughs if you work through the cycle.

Environmental Energy

Vitality, productivity and Influence are stacked stages of human growth in all fields of endeavor, yet they are interwoven. Growth in one leads to the next and the next until there is a ‘glass ceiling’ an invisible –to us – barrier or other perceived block.  Like water always finding its way around rocks, our lives can continue to progress. Each challenge brings a new opportunity for growth and a deeper understanding of the evolution available in the VPI cycle.